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EECA EnergyWise

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Warmer Kiwi Homes

See if you meet EECA's eligibility criteria below:

If you meet the three bullet points above you should be eligible for 90% EECA insulation funding.  

Are you eligible for a heating grant?

You could be eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Heating Grant if you meet EECA's eligibility criteria above.

EECA will pay 90% of the heating cost (or up to a capped amount of $3,000 excl. GST) whichever is least.

Bay of Plenty Regional council and EECA Partnership

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is partnering with EECA by allowing owner-occupiers to put the unfunded portions onto their property rates and pay the remaining balance off slowly.

The Regional Council will allow Rotorua Airshed owners to put the unfunded EECA portion onto a Hot Swap loan and pay the balance off slowly on their rates. To do this you must use a Regional Council approved installer. Contact us before you purchase a heating appliance or remove your existing fire.

Owner-occupiers with either NO existing/working heating in their property (and no solid fuel burner) can also use an EECA grant and put the unfunded balance onto a Hot Swap loan.  These Hot Swap loans are interest-bearing (not interest-free). Paying the balance off slowly on the rates is an affordable way to install some heating.

Some Rotorua Airshed owner-occupiers that have a non-compliant solid fuel burner and hold a Community Service Card OR a Super Gold Combo Card should be eligible for FREE replacement heating. See our Low-Income Heating Grant page on this website. 


To see if you are eligible for funding for insulation and heating visit


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