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Why should I upgrade my heating?

Less smoke in the air (from fires) will help improve the health of the Rotorua community, especially those with asthma and respiratory illness.

Under the Rotorua Bylaw all non-compliant solid fuel burners must be removed (and indoor open fires must be rendered inoperable) before a house can be sold. All indoor open fires are non-compliant and can no longer be used.

What is the best form of heating?

Every household situation will be different. Contact Rotorua Lakes Council and ask if they offer Home Performance Advisor assessments. 

What is a non-compliant wood burner?

Any wood burner in the Rotorua urban area installed before 1 September 2005 OR a wood burner installed after 1 September 2005 that does not have a Solid Fuel Burner Building Consent issued under the Building Act 2004.  Check with Rotorua Lakes Council to see if they have issued a consent.


Rotorua Air Quality Bylaw - Frequently Asked Questions