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Why should I upgrade my heating?

Less smoke in the air (from fires) will help to reduce asthma and respiratory illness. With Hot Swap you can spread the cost of upgrading your heating over 10 years, with loan repayments added to your rates bill. Under the Rotorua Bylaw all non-compliant solid fuel burners must be removed before a house can be sold. All open fires are non-compliant and can no longer be used.

What is the best form of heating?

Every household situation will be different. You can organise a free home assessment to determine which form of heating will suit your needs.

What is a non-compliant wood burner?

Any wood burner in the Rotorua urban area installed before September 2005  is non-compliant.

What costs are covered under the Hot Swap Loan?

Hot Swap covers costs for a standard installation of a clean heat appliance:

What happens if I sell my property before the Hot Swap loan is repaid?

The loan needs to be repaid in full when the property is sold.

What is the phone number for Hot Swap?

0800 468 792 (0800 HOTSWAP)

Rotorua Air Quality Bylaw - Frequently Asked Questions