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Hot Swap - ends 30 April 2021

Home Performance Advisor assessments end mid- April 2021. A home assessment is a pre-requisite to applying for a Hot Swap loan or a Low-Income Heating Grant (which end 30 April 2021). Request a Home Performance Advisor assessment now by using the hyperlink on the right-hand side of this page "Request Home Assessment"

You can use Hot Swap to warm up your house with new heating and/or home insulation

To improve Rotorua's air quality lawfully installed wood burners can be "swapped" for heat pumps, infrared heaters, low and ultra-low emission wood burners. Hot Swap is a loan offered to Rotorua ratepayers whose properties fall in the orange zone of the map below. Appliance supply and installation cost goes onto the property rates and can be paid back over ten years. Some loans are interest-free and some are interest-bearing.

The following heating appliance types are available:

  1. EnergyStar heat pumps. An interest-free loan is available up to $4,500 inclusive GST.
  2. Low-emission wood burners (traditional wood burners). A 6% interest-bearing loan is available up to $5,000 inclusive GST.
  3. Ultra-low emission wood burners (ULEBs). A 3% interest-bearing loan is available up to $5,800 inclusive GST. 
  4. Infrared heater. An interest-free loan is available up to $4,500 inclusive GST.

Some $500 'cleaner technology' grants are available to property owners that meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

Property owners who meet the loan eligibility criteria for both clean heat and insulation can take out two Hot Swap loans.

A loan is available for insulation up to $4,600 inclusive GST.

What are infrared heaters?

Check out this website for more information: Infracomfort New Zealand

What if the wood burner in my house was removed before I purchased the property?

If you have recently purchased a property, and under the Rotorua Air Quality Control Bylaw Point of Sale Rule a non-compliant wood burner was removed, you have SIX months to use the Hot Swap Scheme to install replacement heating. Click on the hyperlink on the right-hand side of this page "Request Home Assessment". It will take you into the "Do I Qualify" page. You will need to select the box "This property has a non-compliant wood burner to swap for compliant heating" (even though it's already been removed). Remember you have SIX months to take advantage of this offer. Note: only zero-emission loans will be granted when a property has had a non-compliant solid fuel burner removed under the Point of Sale Rule.