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Rates Rebate Scheme Qualifiers

Get help to upgrade your home heating when: 

How do you receive help?

If you take up a Hot Swap loan for new heating, every year you qualify for the Rates Rebate Scheme, Council waive your loan repayment. You pay nothing if your loan was for a new heat pump or gas fire as those loans are interest-free. If your loan is for a wood burner then you only pay the loan interest each year. Council waive the appliance loan repayment.

What is the Rates Rebate Scheme?

The Rates Rebate Scheme is a Central Government funded scheme.  Rotorua Lakes Council administer it on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs. 

The Rates Rebate Scheme provides assistance in the form of a rebate to those on low incomes to assist them in meeting the cost of their rates.  Contact the Rotorua Lakes Council for more details on this rebate.