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How To Create A Healthy Home

Making homes warmer, drier and healthier

To really make your home warmer, drier and healthier to live in, it is important to think about how insulation, heating, ventilation and tackling dampness work together as a system. 

By thinking of each element as one piece of the whole puzzle, it's easier to see how getting each part sorted contributes to a more comfortable and healthy living environment.



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FIRST - Reduce dampness and moisture at their source to improve indoor air quality

NEXT - Remove moisture from the air by heating and ventilating the house


       Where does all the moisture come from?




Keep the air moving



Which fuels to choose?

When choosing the type of heater for a room it pays to consider how the room is used.  In areas you heat often such as the living room, heat pumps and woodbuners are usually the cheapest forms of heating.



Keep in the warmth