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Low Income Heating Grant - ends 30 April 2021

FREE Ultra-Low Emission Burner OR Heat Pump

This subsidy is only available to owner-occupiers* (not available to Landlords)

The eligibility criteria:


If you meet all of the above eligibility criteria please apply for a free Home Performance Assessment at the following link

The assessor will ask to see:

* An owner-occupier is the legal property owner(s) who reside(s) in the property they own. You are not an owner-occupier if you do not live in the property on a permanent basis.

** Non-Compliant appliances include wood burners installed before 1 September 2005, and all coal or multi-fuel burners regardless of when they were installed. Wood burner compliance can be checked by phoning Rotorua Lakes Council and asking for information regarding the solid fuel burner Building Consent for the wood burner. The installation date is what determines whether a wood burner is compliant (not the type of wood burner).

The following appliances cannot be used as a trade for upgrading heating; chip heaters, coal ranges, cookers, Marshall heaters or indoor open fires.

What is an Ultra-Low Emission Burner?