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Indoor Open Fires


Since 1 May 2015 you have not been able to light a fire in your indoor open fire, even if you are only renting the house. 

You can keep the fireplace and no alterations are necessary. You just can't use it.

Why have open fires been phased out? 

Open fires produce a lot of pollution.  Most open fires are only 20% heating efficient. The heat (and smoke) all goes up the chimney. By banning the use of open fires an estimated 6 tonnes of fine particulates will be removed from our air. This is 12% of our target.

Do I need to remove my indoor open fire from my house?

You do not need to remove the indoor open fire; you just can't light a fire in it.  If you sell your house then you must comply with the Point of Sale Rule by removing the fire bricks, sealing and blocking off the cavity and capping the chimney.

I have a business that has an indoor open fire. Is this bylaw only for residential houses?

No. The bylaw is for all properties in the Rotorua Airshed. If your business is in the airshed and has an indoor open fire you will not be able to use it after 1 May 2015.  If an indoor open fire is located within a building which has been entered onto the Heritage List by Heritage New Zealand then it is exempt from the Bylaw. Businesses that use an open fire exclusively for the smoking or cooking of food are exempt from the Bylaw.

What will happen if I use the indoor open fire?

The bylaw allows for fines to be imposed on people who use an open fire.

I rent a property that has an open fire, what can I do?

You cannot use the open fire in your rented house.  You will need to use another form of heating.  We advise you to talk to your landlord about installing another heating appliance.