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Have your say on the new Rotorua woodburner rules. Click here.

Clean up the air for improved health

The Rotorua urban area (see orange zone in map below) regularly exceeds the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality in the winter. The main cause of our poor air quality is smoke from home heating fires. The most vulnerable to the negative effects of air pollution are the very young, the elderly and those who already suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Rotorua Urban Airshed Boundary

Rotorua Air Quality Control Bylaw 2017

The 2017 bylaw is now in force. This means that from October 31, no burners can be installed in the Rotorua urban area unless they meet the new emission discharge requirements. Please follow the link for frequently asked questions. 

Rotorua Air Quality Control FAQs.


Rotorua Urban Airshed Boundary

The Rotorua Urban Airshed Boundary has recently been extended. Please click on the link below to check if your property is within the boundary.

Rotorua Urban Airshed Boundary Map

Want new heating but can't afford it?

Free heating is available for some low-income property owners whose properties are in the Rotorua urban area and have old wood burners to exchange.  Look at the following options: 

Low-income wood burner and heat pump grants 

Hot Swap Rates Rebate qualifier grants


Replacement heating and insulation options available

The Hot Swap Scheme allows property owners to swap old wood burners for new heating and insulate their homes. Rotorua urban landlords and owner-occupiers can put the cost onto the rates and pay it off over ten years.