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Smoke from burners affects the most vulnerable in our community.

Come on Rotorua, let's clean the air

During winter air quality in Rotorua exceeds the safe and acceptable level set by the Ministry for the Environment.

The most vulnerable to the adverse health effects of our air pollution are the very young, the elderly and those who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Approximately 228 tonnes of fine particulates are discharged annually into Rotorua's air. We need to reduce this by 60 tonnes to meet the safe and acceptable standards set by the Ministry for Environment.

The biggest source of Rotorua's urban air pollution is from solid fuel burners for home heating.

Is your wood burner compliant? 

The burner in your Rotorua Airshed property is compliant if it is a wood burner and has a Code Compliance Certificate issued under the Building Act 2004 that is dated after 1 September 2005. You can check this by contacting Rotorua Lakes Council.

If your burner does not meet all of the conditions listed above it is non-compliant and illegal to use.

There are also rules regarding installing a new wood burner in the Rotorua Airshed and installing a wood burner in a property that has had its previous burner removed at the point of sale.


What defines a non-compliant solid fuel burner?

The solid fuel burner in your property is non-compliant if any of the following bullet points apply to your burner:

  • My wood burner was installed before 1 September 2005?
  • My solid fuel burner is designed to burn coal? For example it's a coal burner, multi-fuel burner, coal range/cooker.
  • The primary purpose of my solid fuel burner is to heat water or for cooking? For example it's a chip heater, Marshall heater, coal/wood range/cooker, a wood boiler that is not listed on the Ministry for the Environment's Authorised Wood Burner List.
  • Rotorua Lakes Council has not issued a Code Compliance Certificate under the Building Act 2004 for the burner in my property? Even wood burners installed after 1 September 2005 must have a Code Compliance Certificate issued under the Building Act 2004 for it to be lawfully installed (and legally able to be used).
  • It's an indoor open fire (includes Jetmasters & visors).